It’s about time I updated this page – a lot can change in a year!

My name is Vinnie – I’m still a Mum, Wife and Singer Songwriter living in Melbourne Australia.  I’ve just finished a Diploma in Music – which is a big change from my background in Finance and Administration..  So here’s to career changes – connecting my life long love of music with a vocation that lets literally share that love..   A bit of a change I’d say.  Kinda exciting!

I’m sharing some of my tale with you, through blogs, videos, photos and ultimately, through some of the tunes I’ve put together.  I hope you find something on here that resonates with you amongst the pieces of me.

Vinnie x

Awesome Vinnie.


Hey Trace – thanks chick, I’m getting there! x


Great work Vinnie!

I really enjoyed this and it now lives on my iPod – Thank you


Hey Greg – more than welcome. Here’s to the future! Vin :)


Fantastic. Love the song, just gets stuck in your head. Sorry to read about your dad. A true gentleman…….Where’s the rest of the album? :-)


Hey Lance – yep it’s all there (album), I’ve just spent the last year teaching music after going back to Uni, so it’s been on the back burner for 12 months.. Definitely still on the bucket list :)

It’s been two and a half years since Dad passed away, I miss him like nothing else right now. Hope you and the family are well :) Vin


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