It’s about time I updated this page – a lot can change in a year!

My name is Vinnie – I’m still a Mum, Wife and Singer Songwriter living in Melbourne Australia.  I’ve just finished a Diploma in Music – which is a big change from my background in Finance and Administration..  So here’s to career changes – connecting my life long love of music with a vocation that lets literally share that love..   A bit of a change I’d say.  Kinda exciting!

I’m sharing some of my tale with you, through blogs, videos, photos and ultimately, through some of the tunes I’ve put together.  I hope you find something on here that resonates with you amongst the pieces of me.

Vinnie x

Awesome Vinnie.


Hey Trace – thanks chick, I’m getting there! x


Great work Vinnie!

I really enjoyed this and it now lives on my iPod – Thank you


Hey Greg – more than welcome. Here’s to the future! Vin :)


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